Diving Cenotes (Caves) In Tulum, Mexico

Have you ever felt like you were floating in outer space? Diving the crystal clear waters of Tulum’s cenotes will make you feel like you’re floating in space. You forget that you’re diving in from how clear it is! I signed up for three different dives. First was The Pit, then Dos Ojos, and finally The Temple Of Doom.

The Pit

My first cave diving experience was here at the pit. It was a hot morning yet the water was cold and refreshing when we jumped in. The water was pretty cold and we were wearing a 5mm wetsuit. Around 20M we encountered a halocline  where saltwater and fresh water meets and creates a blur. It’s like looking through a hot flame. One of the divers freaked out a little because she thought the halocline was all in her head, but the instructor calmed her down. We approach large white cloud with a tree branch sticking out through the misty looking fog. The cloud is a layer of hydrogen sulfide that settles around 30 meters. The first dive goes through the cloud and disappears. Each divers disappears and I’m the last one to go through. Around 40M we had some boulders to go through and then we started our accent. Seeing the rays of light penetrate through the water is a sight to see! No camera can capture it.


Dos Ojos / Bat Cave

Dos Ojos was a great cave to dive in! We only went to a depth of 10M  but the Cenotes was a maze of different tunnels. With small tight opening we had to go through that lead to great big open areas. The rock formations was something iv’e never seen before. It still amazes me how clear the water was here! We also took a longer route and stopped by the bat cave. We came up through an air pocket with thousands of bats! There was a small opening in the ceiling of the cave and what looks like there use to be an entrance here with an old broken down platform. On our way back towards the end we were diving underneath some snorkelers.

 Temple Of Doom

This was one the most exciting entrance i’ve ever had diving. To enter the cenote you first had to don your gear then jump off a 12 foot drop off through a hole in the ground. When I entered the water I noticed the water had a green tint that gave it a gloomy feel.  When you first start off You see this big STOP sign with the grime reaper on it. It gave me a feeling of should I really be doing this?  We went to a maximum depth of 17.5 meters. This cave had a lot more smaller opening to go through and longer periods of halocines which made it harder to navigate and can easily make you loose your sense of direction down there. Like which way is up and down, left to right. There are leads put in place for you to follow that help you maintain your sense of direction.

Diving in the cenotes are some of my favorite dives that i’ve have done so far! I will be making a trip in the near future for some more cave diving. After you do it once you’ll have to do it again.

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