Hiking the boarder of Poland and Slovakia

It all started out at the hostel in Zakopane, Poland when the owner asked us, “what were we looking to tomorrow.”

We replied, ” we were looking for a full day hike with some good vantage points.”


Starting this hike we were not 100% prepared. We knew we were in for about a 7 hour hike but nothing could of prepared us for the intensity of this hike. At the base we had a decision to make. Take the easy way up the mountain and take a ride in the gondola or trek this snowy and icy mountain. Of course we’re going to hike the whole thing!


As we first ascend the conditions are not to bad just a bit icy. We should of brought a pair of crampons for the trip. Would of came in handy a lot. The first half of the hike had a well marked trail. The view Just got better and better with every step we took. The first summit is where the gondola stops. So of course this is where most people stop and then take the gondola back down. We stopped here for a quick break and lunch.


We then proceeded into the unknown of the cloudy trail. We continue on the icy trail all excited to start the next part of this hike. The trail became knee deep in snow at a lot of the time. We were not prepared cloths wise for this. Yet we continued onwards with our journey. We finally came to a point were we didn’t know where the trail was anymore. After contemplating for ten minutes and looking at the map we decided to continue on. The sun was going down at this point so it was a race against time now. We knew if we could at last make it to the shelter on the map we would be alright too.

We finally found the fork in the trail after hiking a little while more. Which put a smile on all of our faces. Then we starting our descend down. Going down the mountain felt more like we were skiing ,sliding our feet down the icy tail with every step we took. As we were nearing the end of the trail the sun was no longer up. The road was nothing but ice at this point. We caught the last bus to the center tired and hungry. Then continued on our walk back home. Such a relief to walk back inside and relax at this point.


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