Eating Healthy and Saving Money While Backpacking

Here are some tips that i’ve been doing that could help you save some money and eat healthy while backpacking.

Ways to save:

  • A lot of hostels offer a kitchen you can use while you stay there. Use it to your advantage.
  • Go to the local markets for your fruits and vegetables. It’s super cheap and fresh!
  • Find a friend to cook with. This will cut your bill in half at lest, if not more. Possible left overs for the next day. Plus you made a new friend.
  • Some hostels have a free bin in the kitchen. Make sure to check this before going to the market. There could be a few things on your list.
  • No Kitchen no problem. This is where you could make a salad or some sandwiches. Sandwiches come in handy if your going on a tour for the day.
  • A lot of hostels include breakfast with your stay. Sometimes even dinner and lunch. Be sure to check it out when booking a hostel.
  • Depending what country your in you can go out to eat in a restaurant cheaper then cooking a meal your self!
  • Fruits are great snacks while your out exploring for the day also really cheap in most places!


One thought on “Eating Healthy and Saving Money While Backpacking

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Great tips, very useful! When I travel and am exploring fruit and nuts are key. I dehydrate many fruits with my dehydrator and nuts are small and light so they’re easy to fit in your pack. 🙂


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