Lake Morskie Oko Adventures

The Tatra mountain range was covered in snow and Lake Morskie Oko was iced over. The sun was shining which brought a warmth to my face from the unwelcoming cold. The stairs to walk to down the lake was coved in ice. You felt like you were repelling down the stairs with the hand rail rope. The lake was frozen enough to walk on. As we started to walk across the lake you can hear the thumping of the ice going across the lake which brought an eerie sound of the ice wanting to break.


There was a second lake which is situated higher up and on the other side of the lake. Climbing up wasn’t the easiest since we didn’t have crampons. We were basically making steps with the snow. We still managed to make it to the frozen lake up there for an amazing panoramic view of Lake Morskie Oko. After enjoy the view and taking some photos we started to head back down. Going back down was a bit easier since we basically just slid down most of the way. After warming up in the lodge we decided to to stay here a bit longer and enjoy the night sky. It was quite a sight to see since there wasn’t any light pollution in this area.  We had to take a cab back home though since there were no public transportation during this time time.



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