Hebron, West Bank


All that Palestinians want is basic human rights.

Under the military order of 1651 Palestinians can be held for four days until they see a judge after this detention can be renewed for a period of 60 days and which can be extended to 90 days without any charges be brought. During this time a Palestinian can be denied access to a lawyer for a maximum of 60 days.
On the contrary Israeli settlers or citizens arrested in the West Bank can only be held for 24 hours without seeing a judge. after these 24 hours, detention can only be renewed for a maximum of 30 days without any charges being brought. Israelis accused of a criminal offence can only be denied access to a lawyer for a maximum of 48 hours. DSC_7769DSC_7865

Israeli soldiers out of the H1 and into H2 territory in Hebron. Soldiers are aiming at the children who are throwing rocks at them as they are in H2 side.


Israeli solider watches us as we walk around from his guard post on one of the rooftops.DSC_7669

A young man climbs a roof to prepare to throw bottles at the Israelis when they come pas the H1/H2 line. Throwing bottles is just one way they fight back. Sometimes they can be molotov cocktail when things get more intense.


Israeli soldiers check the trunk of the car for explosives as a young boy on his bike stands by and watch. Earlier a tire was set on fire and thrown down the hill at the Israeli soldiers.


These siblings were shy to get their photo taken. The boy hides behind the pole peaking his head out to see if I was still there and the girl just turned her head.


Two young girls from Hebron in the West Bank.


Faces of Hebron.


Faces of Hebron.


This man was almost killed when an Israeli settler openfired killing of 29 Palestinian worshippers in a mosque in 1994. He was centimeters away from being killed but a column in the mosque saved his life. He showed us the bullet holes on the column that’s still there today. He holds up his ID. There are three types of IDs Palestinians can hold, which dictate where they can work, live, and move (Can only travel on certain roads, and leaving Palestine is almost impossible for most Palestinians).

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