Medellín, Colombia

On May 13th 2022 I hopped on a flight in Albany, NY. Connected in Newark airport and then flew to Panama City, Panama for the l last of my connecting flights. I finally arrived in Medellin, Colombia. Had a great conversation with my Uber driver (who cannot speak English by the way). I was able to start practicing my Spanish again. Day 1 was more about checking into my hotel, relaxing, and making new friends the hotel staff. By the way this helps a lot making connections with the hotel staff.

Day 2 I decided to see one of Pablo’s houses that was converted into a museum that is owned by his brother Robert Escobar. Very informative and interesting. Lots of Pablo’s things like planes, cars, furniture, ect…
The next few days I explored El Poblabo area. More or less lots of great food, coffee, and places to go out at night. It actually reminded me of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. It was not my favorite place to go but if you want to enjoy the night life that the place to go. It was early in the night in El Poblabo area and I was out taking pictures. I must have turned down the wrong street because someone came out and mugged me. I was physically ok but I lost my camera, wallet, phone and watch. Even though this situation happened I still think highly of the Colombian people and would highly recommend Medellin.

I also went up a cable car outside of Medellin and brought me to some graffiti art. There wasn’t much there but nice to see something different. The same day I went to a place called Comuna 13. There are escalators outside that brings up the mountain. Along the way there are places to eat, drink, and buy art. I was more intrigued with this then the cable car.

Guatape is another destination I tried. Guatape is basically a large staircase up a mountain. I’ll admit I was a nice view on top but it was very touristy. Enjoyed some food, coffee, and great company on this part of there trip. I’m not one to sign up for a group tour at all really but I decided to give this one a try since there was no public transportation there. I’m glad I did it though, meet some great people on this part of the trip.

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