A walk Through Łazienki Park and The City of Warszawa


Some Photos from the city of Warsaw and Łazienki Park.

Łazienki ParkDSC_5491Łazienki ParkDSC_5489Polish Army MuseumDSC_5461WarszawaDSC_5445Horse with wins infant of Warsaw law courts on ul. BonifraterskaDSC_5451WarszawaDSC_5456Ducks in Łazienki ParkDSC_5474When Peacocks run free in Łazienki Park. DSC_5483Palace of Culture and ScienceDSC_5517Łazienki ParkDSC_5502Łazienki ParkDSC_5495Warsaw Uprising MonumentDSC_5450Łazienki ParkDSC_5485WarszawaDSC_5444

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