Abandoned Hospital Bratislava, Slovakia

I was excited to be invited to come along to explore an abandoned hospital. My friend said, “I went on the outside of the building but didn’t want to head in alone.” The following day we head down to the eastern part of the Old Town in Bratislava. The hospital is located right across from the Blue Church.


We noticed that the front door was open and some cars parked right in from of the hospital. My Australian friend and I was debating if we should go and ask if we can look around or just come back later. As we were talking our French friend walked into the building. Our questions was answered at that point. We followed her into the Hospital. I quickly tried to take some pictures before anyone came. I only manage to get a couple of pictures in before a big Slovakian man and what looked like two junkies came to us. They were speaking in Slovakian with and angry voice. We couldn’t understand anything they were saying.  Once we started to speak english to the man pointed to the door and we promptly left the building.

DSC_5233I still would like to go back one day and see the rest of the building if I get a chance. From what i’ve read on different posts the hospital still has a lot of it’s equipment in the building. Would have been amazing to see some of it! It was still satisfying to see some of the building.

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