Abandoned Wola Gasworks

One of the most interesting abandoned places i’ve seen so far is Wola Gasworks which is located in Warszawa, Poland. You can see the two giant colosseum when you exit Warszawa Kasprzaka railway station.


When arriving at the fence line we decided to do a walk around to see which is the best way to enter and if there were any guards roaming around. No guards were seen just some people in the near by park and we didn’t think they would really be a problem. so we decided to go through the broken down wall through the park. looking around for a guard or dogs as we started to walk through but nothing as we approached the first building.


The first building was dry and empty from what we could see. still just a beautiful sight to see. We started to take pictures some what quickly since we didn’t know how much time we really had here. We wanted to go in and walk around but there was just a big drop off. We decided since there seemed to be no one around to head to the second building. following what seemed to be a trail leading right towards it. Adrenaline was running pretty high at this point. Still no one else to be seen at this point. We finally reached an opening to the building and the sight was unbelievable!

Prints from Wola Gasworks available here https://society6.com/product/abandoned-wola-gasworks_print#1=45 

A pool of water sat at the bottom of the building due to the holes in the ceiling. It put a reflection of the building on the silent calm water that sat there. We happen to be there at the right time during sun set. We took as many photos as we can being quite. At this point I was going to go to the other side to get a different perspective of the building. When I started to leave I noticed an old man who was the guard of the place coming over. I said to Sergio in a soft voice, “we need to leave now.” I said this a few times at this point and the guard starting talking to us in polish. “Sorry we don’t speak Polish.” Walking as fast as we could with out running we headed back to the entrance we came into. The old man kept talking to us in Polish with his cane. As we left the premises the old man stayed at the wall as we continued to walk toward the train station. I was sure he was calling the cops and we were going to get caught at the train station. Luckily there was no bad out come just some great photos.


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