3 day cruise down the Nile River

The Nile River brings life to Egypt. After staying in Luxor it was time to find the three day cruise that starts in Luxor and ends in Aswan That I was hearing so much about. I would suggest to book your cruise with your hostel. They seem to have the best deal compared to random people on the street trying to sell you a boat ride. Our cruise started off getting picked up at our hostel bought us to the boat. Our boat doesn’t look like a luxury cruise but for the price we paid it was not bad and much better then I’ve been staying lately. From going from hostel to hostel it was nice to have a really clean and private room for a change.G1428556

The cruise included three meals a day. For me this was amazing since I was on a budget and not eating the best all the time. All you can eat Egyptian made me and my stomach quite happy! I was always so happy when the guy would walk around the boat ringing his bell to let you know either breakfast, lunch, or dinner was ready. It also made me felt like I was taking a steep back in time when he rang the bell. The smell of the food would alway get me before he rang the bell.untitled (14 of 28)

cruising down the Nile the landscape it really is a sight to see. The bright green landscape areas in Egypt are around the nile. As you look beyond the nile there’s nothing but sandy barren land. The air was still a little crisp at the time but don’t let that fool you, the sun is still strong and will burn you. I found out the hard way. Thee rooftop has lounge chairs a little pool but it was still a bit to cold to go in, and a bar. They did tea and coffee one afternoon in the roof. This is where I spent most of my time while I was here. untitled (12 of 28)

We had two port visits when cruising down the Nile. The first stop we had was in Edfu. Edfu has the Temple of Edfu as the main attraction. I decided to take a break from all of the temples and I had some tea and hookah with the locals in Edfu. One was a police officer and the others were carriage riders. It was a nice change to have a conversations with the locals without them trying to sell me something to much. I know they need to make a living but sometimes it can be a bit to much. The next stop was Kom Ombo. Kom Ombo temple is here but you can see just about everything from outside the gate. So it’s not really worth going to pay to see it up close for me. They also have little shops and restaurants here. I panicked for a minute because when I went back to the boat, the boat was gone. I thought I was stuck in this little village. Luckily the boat was just changing position to let the other boat out. That was a huge relief when I found out! Finally we arrived in Aswan. I couldn’t stay unfortunately since my flight was coming up soon and I still needed to get to Cairo. So I had to leave that night on an overnight train to Cairo.

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