Taking a trip in San Jose Del Pacifico

After my time in Puerto Zigatela I decided to go up to the mountains in a small village called San Jose Del Pasifico. When I arrived there was not much there besides the basics. Thats all I really wanted while I was above the clouds there. So I walked up this steep hill trying to find the place I was going to stay at. You just show up and they will have room for you. You can tell they don’t have a whole lot of visitors there.


The operator asked me, “what I wanted to do while I was visiting. Mushrooms?”

Me: “Of course.”

San Jose Del Pacifico is world famous for the mushrooms they grow in this area. I happen to be there at the right time during the harvesting season. The man showed me to my room and told me to wait here as he was going to get the “familia” aka, mushrooms.  The room had a cabin type of feel to it. It was simple a bed, light, and a window. You can tell the people who have been in this room before had made some art work all over the walls for their trip or for the next persons trip. For 60 pasos you really can’t bet it.


I stayed on the deck for a while admiring the beautiful view of the mountains that surround me.  The man shortly after came back with a leaf, and inside the leaf was the well known familia of mushrooms. I thanked the man, and then began to clean the dirt off with a bottle of water I had since the mushrooms since they were just freshly picked. It was quite an amazing experience with visual effects and the vibrant colors that came out. I wanted a whole new experience in connecting with nature and this time by myself.  Especially since I was alone, in another country, and can only speak a little bit of Spanish. I knew was going to be fine and that’s the type of attitude you want when your going to embark on a trip. It was an enriching adventure that night with the thunder and rain that came too.


This is the place to go to get away from it all and get back to the basics. Just to kick back and enjoy the pure beauty of the mountains that surround you. DSC_3949

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