Khan el-Khalili Market

The hectic Khan el-Khalili Market is swarming with people buying,selling, eating, drinking tea, or smoking hookha.I do have to say that the people here have a very aggressive approach in trying to sell you something. They will not take no for an answer no matter how many times you say no. Egypt is the worst with that in my eyes.

Vendors will be grabbing your arm and saying, “come, come-into my store.”

Me: “Im not looking to buy anything.”

Vedor: “It’s ok come have some tea with me. It’s Egyptian hospitality!”

Me: “Ok just for a minute.”

Vedor: “You like that scarf?  How much do you want to pay for it?”

Me: “I’m not buying anything.”

Vendor: “Please, you come from America you have money!”

You learn quick not to talk to people and just keep walking. If not, half of your day will be wasted from people trying to talk to you at first and then always trying to sell you something. I don’t like to say that, but it was true most of of the time I was there.  When you’re away from the markets it’s not as bad with the harassments.

On the bright side of thing this market is huge! It has everything you might want to buy from clothing, electronics, food, toys, blankets, sunglasses, etc… Make sure you are bargaining to start off with 75% off of what they are asking for. They know your a tourist and you have money. They will also ask where you’re from. This is another tactic they use to see where your from. If your in a more prominent country they can ask you for more money. On the other hand fun to bargain with too.


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