Great Pyramids of Giza

I started my journey to the great pyramids from Cairo, where I was staying. I took the cheapest way to get there by taking the metro to a micro bus (same thing as a colectivo in Central America).The bus dropped me off on the back side of the pyramids. Be warned people there are going to over charge you for everything. Especially for a camel ride. They will tell you everything in the book to get there price. Some will also have fake credentials. So be careful you most likely will get ripped off over there.

I decided to take a Camel from outside the pyramids and walked through the town to come  to the entrance of the great pyramids. The air was crisp as I arrived early in the morning. I had the pyramids to myself for the first few hours. I was in awe as I was ridding a camel around the pyramids. I was trying to put myself back in time and couldn’t even grasp the feeling of living in such a time. At the end of the ride the guide wanted a really big tip about 50 UDS. We had a bit of an argument.

He was saying, “You are from America! You can afford that!”

We argued for a bit then I told him, ” You can accept my tip now or I’m leaving.”

He took my tip and now I was on my way to explore the rest of the pyramids on foot. Walking around on foot was a lot better expect for getting harassed all the time for camel rides or a horse and corsage ride. That was a bit annoying as they followed you around a lot. Even though your not allowed to climb the pyramid walls they didn’t say anything to me when I was climbing them. I was managed to reach 15 stones up. I felt like that was sufficient enough for me before someone might arrest me. Make sure you bring a flashlight. Someone will try to go down in the pyramids with you to give you light and expects a tip afterwords.

I then decided to go out in the desert area for a bit to get a few shot from far away. I had a few younger kids follow me out there. They were some cool little kids. They wanted to get there picture taken with the pyramids in the back round. They also wanted money but I think they were happy getting there picture taken. You really can’t get the whole feeling of the complexity that the pyramids are until you’re there in person standing side by side with them.

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