Diving in Hurghada, Egypt

Basically If you want to go diving in the red sea then go to Hurghada, If you’re not diving Don’t go unless it’s for the cheap plane ticket. I felt like I was one of five tourist that i’ve meet in Hurghada. Picture yourself in a sea of resorts with no one there. People are afraid of going to Egypt now because of recent activities there. Personally I felt safe for the most part.


After walking around and checking all of there dive shops in the area I decided to go with a company called Dino’s diving center and safari. I found while shopping around that Dino’s seemed to be the most professional with there staff, equipment, and prices. Everywhere else seemed quite high with the prices and the places with really low prices are not establishments I wanted to dive with. The equipment was not good in the really low priced places. The two dives included a ride to and from the boat, lunch (which was really good not just some fruit like other places. It was a full meal!), nice boat, and friendly helpful staff. If your heading to Hurghda this would be the dive shop to check out.

Dino’s Diving Facebook


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