Sofia, Bulgaria

After a long over night train from Belgrade, Serbia we arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria. Nothing more then a 10 hour. We had the option to catch a bus earlier but we decided to stay the 10 hours and explore Sophia a bit. We had a bit of a sketchy man take us around to get our tickets at the actual train ticket couture and bring us to the ATM. We constantly told the man we were alright and we didn’t need his help yet he keep on walking with us and trying to help us out. At the end when we received our tickets and slightly before hand we had to start to get aggressive with the man. He obviously wanted money from us and didn’t want to leave us alone. Finally shacked him off and told him aggressively were not giving you money and he finally left us alone. After that we proceeded to the subway station to get to the center but not before a quick stop to the restroom.

Well am I going in the right side?! As I ask Sergio and Louise. Didn’t matter at that time. When you have to go, you have to go and you’ll figure out if your wrong or not after the fact. Luckily I saw an M so I took that as a sign for the Male room and it worked surprisingly. Next we headed to the metro. The metro looks like it was just build in a city that looks like it’s run down


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