Belgrade, Serbia

Sergio and I missed our first morning train from Budapest, Hungry to Belgrade, Serbia by two minutes. We thought we lost for our tickets at this time and had to buy another one. We then proceeded to the ticket counter to buy a new train ticket and discovered that out ticket was still valid and we were able to use it on the next train in the afternoon. we were so relived at this point. So we took the afternoon train down to Belgrade. This ride was a little harder since we decided to stay up late the night before. When we finally arrived in Belgrade we found out our train was actually on fire when we arrived. Just happy to make it there in once piece. When we arrived at the hostel our friend Louise from England was waiting there for us with a Serbian local shot called Rakia. It was just what we needed after a long day of traveling! The hostel we stayed at (Hostel Le Jardin) we great! The host was very friendly and offered us some of the Serbian experience!

  • Sights that we went to while in Belgrade.
  • NIkola Tesla Museum which is also his house.
  • Belgrade Fortress
  • Museum of Yugoslav History
  • Pobednik
  • Republic Square
  • Skadarlija area

Our plan was to spend New Years here is Belgrade. Belgrade puts on a great show down in the center with the National Assembly of Serbia behind the stage. Most of the music was Serbian pop folk. Steven Seagal’s Blues Band also played a set that night too. The party doesn’t start on New Years eve in Belgrade. Its started a few days before and after New Years. Belgrade is a great place to spend New Years if your thinking of a new place to next year. Serbians are very helpful people. I you look like your lost there is usually someone around asking you if you need any help getting around.



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