Over night train From Serbia to Turkey

Belgrade, Serbia to Istanbul, Turkey on a over night train was quite an different experience. The train was pretty old yet had character. We decided to take a sleeper car for the ride from Belgrade to Sofia. Each sleeper car had six beds. Luckily we only had four of us in the room! The rooms a quite small and can fit four people some what comfortably. All of the beds fold up to make room if no one else is staying with you. Which makes for a comfortable seating area at the times when you’re not sleeping. Yet the beds were pretty small. It reminded me of when I was on an aircraft carrier sleeping in racks.

Sleeper car

It was snowing most of the way which made it have more of a Eastern European feel for me. The views at night were peaceful and quite as rolled through the country sides of Serbia and Bulgaria. Nothing but the pure silence of the snow falling softly across the ground. I find that the windows can go down all the way quite amazing also that you can smoke on the train if you’re a smoker. In New York you can find any windows on a train that even open let alone smoking on a train, forget about it.  The bathrooms on the other hand were not the prettiest. For the price of the ticket you can’t complain. twelve hours later we have now arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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