Turkish Hamam

Unexpectedly I found out being rubbed down by a large Turkish man is quite enjoyable. I never thought I would ever say that. One thing Turkey is known for is their Hamam (Turkish bath house).


I came to Büyük Hamam which is located in Istanbul, with two friend. There were two entrances to the Hamam. One side was for men and the other side was for women. Sergio and I first dropped off Louise at the other entrance. We did’t think Louise would like it simply because of the fact that she was British. I know this sounds wrong and all but if you know Louise then you would understand why I said this.


Sergio and I were first directed to take off our shoes and go change in a private room where you are able to keep all off your belongings while you change into a towel for the rest of the time. After changing we headed down to the sauna for about twenty minutes to sweat it all out. We were then directed to come out of the sauna by big Turkish men (who only spoke the Turkish language) to come with them so they can bath us and scrub us down with an exfoliating glove. After being scrubbed down we went to a large round hot stone where we lay down. Everything was going well as we received a massage. Then all of sudden the man giving me a massage found out i was ticklish. `He then said something in Turkish and began to tickle me more. Sergio had a good laugh at me as he was next to me. They then bring you back into the other room where the wash you off. After the rinse down you are directed into the common area where you are wrapped in an towel and offered tea while you relax. A must do while in Turkey!



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