Utila, Honduras

Utila, Honduras was not the original plan of my trip but most places I went to wasn’t either. While I was traveling throughout Guatemala, and Belize this place called, Utila always kept coming up. They would talk about how great the diving is and if your traveling on a budget it’s the place to go for the extremely low prices for diving. I would always consider word of mouth for the next place to visit, dive, eat, etc… Be warned You may plan for a few days in Utila but thats never the case. Chances are you will be there longer then expected!

I decided to take the advice of other travelers and make my way down to Utila after some diving in Key Caulker. After traveling on boats, chicken buses,taxis, water taxis, and a ferry I arrived in Utila. Little did I know what I was getting myself in to after setting foot on this island. Getting off the ferry for the first time can be a bit annoying. Every dive shop is there trying to get you to come to there dive shop/hostel. Parrots Dive Shop didn’t pressure me in to there place and actually told me other places to go. That alone made me want to check there shop out afterwords oh, you can’t forget the free beer thats always a plus too! The people here are all really friendly. Take in all the good vibes of the locals.

The plan was to stay for four days to do my rescue course and continue down south. Well that never happened and I decided to take my dive master course here in Utila instead of doing it else where. So I extended my stay here for three months. Do you like dive? Do you like cheap beer? Do you like crystal clear water? Then Utila is the place to go. Almost everyone i’ve meet on this island stayed longer then they planned to. Just be careful a few extra days can turn into months, and months into years. I do promise you if you do go to Utila you will have a good time!

Diving in the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean was always the high light of the days i’ve spent in Utila. Most of the dive sites are between five and twenty-five minute away by boat. The reef is filled with plenty of fish and marine life. The only fish your really allow to hunt is the Lion Fish. There’re an invasive species in Utila which makes it quite fun to go spear fishing for. Searching and catching them gives you a great rush making you always wanting to go back for more!

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is there is always a party going on here. Just head to one of the many bars around and you’ll find something going on like, Tequila Tuesday at Tranquia Bar, Ladies night on Thursday at Coco Locos, or one of the other themed nights during the week. When you come to Utila you will receive at least one tank-top (singlet), if not many more from one of the many shot challenges on the island. It’s quite hard to leave the island without getting one. Utica usually has one bigger party at the end of the month at Bando Beach called True Type, or Full Moon Party for all off your techno needs. If you happened to be there in August There is a week long techno party called SunJam. Definitely worth checking out this techno party on a private beach right off of Utila for a week long.

Great diving, people, parties, and at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for on a little paradise island in the Caribbean? Not much more really then to be back there now with a nice cold drink on the beach. One of my favorite place I’ve been to on this trip and it could be yours too.


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