Lod cave

The most impressive cave system that i’ve been to is Lod Caves in Mae Hong Son province just north of Pai. Before entering the caves I boarded a bamboo raft with a guide. The guide pushes the raft with a long bamboo stick through out the caves. When I entered the caves I was in awe from how big it was and the rock formations.


Best way to get there

Rent a motorbike! The scenery riding up through the curvy streets of the mountains are breathtaking. You can also stop at a waterfall, hot springs, and an amazing view point. A motorbike will only cost you between 100-300 Bhat for 24 hours.

Things to bring

-Boots or flip flops

-Flashlight if you have one. You don’t need one but it does help.

-Camera & tripod for those long exposure.


400 Baht for a round trip through the cave on a bamboo raft including walking around three different caves, Guide with a lantern. 400 Baht can be split between three people. It’s better to go with some friends or make some friends when you get there.

They sell fish food at the counter where you buy your ticket but hold off until you round the corner because they are only 10 Baht there.


DSC_8300 DSC_8302








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