Controlled Chaos in Bangkok

Controlled chaos is exactly what Bangkok is. Lines on the road are only guidelines and are not to be followed if you’re on a motorbike. The temples will let you slow down in this fast paced city. If you want to party there’s one every night. Need a new suit? There are people selling them everywhere for a fraction of the price compared to other countries.

Wat PhoDSC_7462



Floating market at Talingchan pierDSC_7505

DSC_7511All of these boats are equipped with car motors.

DSC_7507He just jumped off the bridge into the canal at the floating market in bangkok and said, “take my picture.

DCIM111GOPROLeo beer and some fried chicken at the floating market.

National PalaceDSC_7423

Some people marching in the streets of Bangkok holding a picture of the king (Bhumibol Adulyadej).DSC_7569

Wat ArunDSC_7498

Wat TraimitDSC_7480

DSC_7583Looks like a place where parents send their kids for time out.





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